Just what does “Blackhoof” mean? That’s what we’ve been asked and that’s just what we want to find out!

Join us in the “Blackhoof Challenge”!

The Blackhoof Vineyards and Estate Winery are named after our Township, located in the Southeast corner of Carlton County.

We assume our Township is named after the Blackhoof Lake which, we assume is named after the Blackhoof River / Creek.

But…still the question remains…What does “Blackhoof” mean / stand for?

So, here’s the Challenge:

There are two categories:

    1. Historical, with factual data to confirm, 3 sources please

    2. Creative, Folklore, a “Minnesota Tall Tale”,  “the Legend of…”

Rules:  Must be 21 to participate

    1. Must submit via email to vintner@blackhoofestatewinery.com

    2. Must agree to use of submission on Blackhoof Estate Winery Fb & Website, and on advertising

    3. Must submit a photo of participants pondering, researching and/or pontificating with a bottle of Blackhoof Wine.

    4. Collaboration is acceptable.  Only one award per submission, though.

Award:  1 bottle of Blackhoof Wine, winners selection, and 1 Blackhoof Vineyards hat.

Judge:  One of Blackhoof Township Pioneer Family Descendants, Rich Paulson, probably evaluating submissions while enjoying his own bottle of Blackhoof Wine!