Our Approach

Our Vineyard goal is to determine the best grape varietal selections, best vineyard management practices to use and encourage others to become “grape growers”, offering options for young adults, families and retirees to “stay on the farm/ stay local”.

Our Winery goal is to produce good, healthy wines for our locals and tourists to enjoy, thus establishing a thriving local wine market that adds to the local economic opportunities.

Thank you for helping us reach our goals!


Terry & Cheryl Heggemeier with Monica & Mike Gay’s beautiful horses!

Kera, one of our Vineyard dogs, on alert, watching over the vineyard!

Kera, one of our Blackhoof Vineyards dogs.

The Winemaker inspecting the grapes, with the help of the Vineyard dogs!

Terry, Blackhoof Estate Winery Winemaker, inspecting the grapes, with the help of the Vineyard dogs!

Next Steps…

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