We are family owned & operated,
private Vineyards & Winery,
located in beautiful Blackhoof Township, Carlton County, Minnesota.
We do not have a Tasting Room,
we do sell case lots from the Winery [10% discount].

Our focus is local;

supplying local businesses with

our local wines

produced from our local grapes

for all of us who live or

visit locally to enjoy!

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Blackhoof Cheers!


Vineyard Dogs “helping” with Spring pruning!


Blackhoof Vineyards and Winery

The Vineyards

A renowned vintner once told us great wines are not made in the winery, but in the vineyard. Our focus is to produce the highest quality cold hardy grapes possible. We take great care with our vineyard management practices. We’re committed to sustainable farming using natural organic compounds and fertilizers. We do not use pesticides or glyphosates.

We currently grow ten varieties of grapes, five red and five white. Several varieties remain experimental as we seek to establish cultivars sustainable in northern Minnesota. In total , we have more than 3300 vines located on six acres in Blackhoof Township, Minnesota.


Blackhoof Vineyards and Winery

The Winery

Our wines are produced in small lots to ensure premium quality vintages.  These award winning wines are handcrafted and estate bottled.  All of our wines are made from cold hardy varietals and are enjoyed with a variety of cuisines.

         Blackhoof Wines

 Experience northern Minnesota Blackhoof Estate wines;  

 our North Country invigorating Reds, or

 our Lake Superior Lighthouses Whites.